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Mitchell Frank Elite Tennis Camp

Come on out and join us for the first ever Mitchell Frank Tennis Camp June 17 - August 23. This camp will focus on taking players to the next level with our small player to coach ratio. We will focus on technical elements, shot selection, building players confidence that is unrivaled through our experienced coaches. We believe this is only possible with a small player to coach ratio!!


Championship Elite: For players who are currently competing in tournaments or who are active participants on their high school teams. This group will focus on developing patterns of play, court positioning, technical adjustments, mental toughness and adjustments, and fitness.

Tournament Prep: For players who are looking to become competitive either on their high school teams or in tournament play. This group will focus on continuing to develop technical skills, understanding patterns of play, working on movement patterns, and learning mental toughness and adjustments.
Future Stars: For beginners and younger players looking to develop a passion in the sport and learn fun and fundamentals. This group will focus on basic technical skills, footwork, basic shot selection, and working up to rallying! 


Weekly Themes

Monday: Focus on consistency and discipline in all aspects of the game.

Tuesday: Focus on groundstrokes, from an offensive, defensive and neutral perspective.

Wednesday: Focus on transition, volleys, moving forward and serves.

Thursday: Focus on movement and skill shots.

Friday: Focus on mental skills, including mental toughness, awareness, handling adversity and momentum.

General Daily Schedule

1:00 to 1:20 - Warm up and introduction of goals and theme for the day.

1:20 to 3:00 - Theme Based Drilling

3:00 to 4:00 - Situational points and potential group play.

4:00 to 5:00 - Matchplay and live points.

When: June 17 - August 23. Weekdays from 1pm - 5pm

Where: Wakefield Chapel Rec Association

Cost: $3000 for all 10 weeks ($15/hr) - $1600 for 5 weeks ($16/hr) - 350 weekly ($17.50/hr)


10% off the number of weeks

that your referral signs up for!

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